Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Let's get Physical!....or take a nap

Wow has it really been a year since my last post? I guess on the ITP front not much has changed. I am now in my third year and since last summer I've been bouncing between the 80's and 90's. I owe it to the Rituxan I guess...was really hoping for a remission but not this year it looks like.

Well, on the health front, last summer my "regular" doctor suggested I gain muscle mass again, since for 2 years I was either not allowed to do pretty much anything physical or when I was able to I was too fatigued to even try. SO, after getting the hematologist's ok, i signed up for...gasp!horror!...a gym. AND a personal trainer to kick it off for 2 months. Since there's no way in hell I would have known what to do with all those machines.
Never thought I'd be a gym person but i started to really enjoy it once I learned how to use the machines and integrate my health/diet to really make sure all that work wasn't for nothing. It's easy when you are paying for a trainer, you make sure you go to your sessions. After that was done I had to keep it up on my own. Fast forward to summer...it's been really hot here and I've gotten rather sluggish again.

So, once again I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Little by little. I've gotten "baby" bruises these days due to the exhaustion from the heat, so I'm pacing myself. I've taken a couple swing/rockabilly dance classes which I LOVE. When I was on the prednisone in my 1st crappy year of ITP I took tap clases, which were so great since it was "low impact" exercise and really enjoyable.

SO...if you are looking to get into/stay in shape in a different way than yoga (or a gym) while navigating the murky waters of an illness, I suggest taking a light dance class of some sort if you can.

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