Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Moving Abroad mid-illness or, Take A Chance on Swedes

I'm still all relapse-y (currently 37k), but wayyyy back in December I started the process of school applications. I've decided on a program and will be moving to Stockholm in a couple weeks. Besides looking for a living arrangement proving to be as difficult as they say it is (Sweden has a housing crisis), I've had to prep myself for moving somewhere where they dont know my medical history, and most importantly, finding a good medical support system ALL over again (Challenge). 

I notified my hematologist months ago about the potential move, and thankfully she reached out and got me a referral over there. Besides that, I am still a little confused about how the insurance works over there (Challenge). I will have a residence permit which would allow me on the national healthcare- which I have NO idea how it works. I can only get my id card over there so I have to wait. Another...challenge- is trying to guestimate how much medication to take. I'm not on Pred at the moment but I need to take some with me in case I relapsex2 before I can see my new doc, which I suspect will be a while until paperwork kicks in.

Another thing to take into account, is that now I'm about to start intensive study/projects- while on a relapse. The past 2 years when I was stable it would have been no problem. But now that I get a bit fatigued easier, I know I might have to bring it up with my classmates. This is gonna take some serious Jedi mind control on my part to really take care of myself, remember to eat well, exercise, etc. I am excited for all the clean food over there. There are way more restrictions so the food quality of better, which is good news for someone with an autoimmune disease.