Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make it Through the Summer

There's an old Chicago band called The Chamber Strings whose song "Make it Through the Summer" seems to be my anthem these days. I've been dealing with being ill AND navigating the murky waters of a break-up. A break-up which was due to mostly my illness and his not being able to handle it well (it could be said, nor I). That said...this summer has been discovering what "me time" is all about again after spending way too much energy on someone who wasn't really supportive of my life post-illness.

I was worried about my levels (the break up happened ONE WEEK before my first cbc's in 3 months! jerk) but alas, they had stayed pretty stable. Last month? my levels even went up by 30k. Even after I have been pretty slack with my health by drinking etc. No bueno. I get tiny bruises once in a while, but the other day I got this bad boy:

It's illness-related as  ITP bruises always look like I took some dark lipstick and smudged a color sample on myself. Maybe one day I'll do a "Know your bruises!"post.  Anyway a year ago I would have been in tears, but I'm about all-cried out these days and now I just monitor it and make sure nothing else pops up. Next CBC is in OCTOBER. My hema is nuts, but I'll trust her judgement.

Let's all make it through this summer.