Sunday, October 9, 2011

Licorice, Walks

In my infinite quest to rid myself of this disease I now continue the series "Michelle Will Try Anything For a Cure." This week, after reading about the benefits of licorice root, many people on the ITP facebook forum have discussed how it helped them. I am now drinking 760mg of Licorice Root thats in this Throat Coat tea I found in my cupboard, followed by a sour face. I hate licorice and have never liked it. Jaegermeister? Gross. Panda Licorice Chews? Yuck. This tea? Nasty. Screw this. I am going to buy licorice root capsules this week and take the easy way out.

In other news, my levels were raised slightly this week, but not "normalization" as if the Rituxan had worked. So, nothing again. The interesting bit is that they never raised my meds last week, but my counts went up. (Usually levels go up when meds do) So that was good. Go back next week for another count.

So, Autumn here in the midwest is great, and while I didnt have time to schedule a trip with my infusions and appointments happening, I'm trying to work in some day excursions that are close by. Today I made it out to one of my favorite places in Chicago, The North Park Nature Reserve. I listened to Grouper, spotted a giant pond Turtle creepin on me, and a chipmunk chillin out. It was a great de-stresser.

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