Wednesday, December 28, 2011

These Days

Ever since my treatment, I've been in the 30k-60k range, and so a month ago my doctor made the cringe inducing decision to try me on a pill every other which I stayed stable. Then she made the even more cringe inducing decision to take me off them for a week altogether. I prepared myself for either A) red spots & bruises all over my leg/flare up or B) a trip to the ER. Amazingly neither happened, and my levels actually went UP. On no Prednisone. 2 weeks after that (again no meds), my levels stayed the same.

This is fascinating because if you reduce the amount of Prednisone of someone with ITP, their levels go down. That's why I was on the drug for 7+ months. And so- we are thinking the Rituxan worked slightly, in that it is helping to keep me stable. Granted I am still not in remission and there's still time for everything to go wrong (hey, a pessimist is never disappointed)- but until then I am enjoying being drug-free for the past month. My relationship with my boyfriend has been considerably less dramatic and I've been non-psycho girlfriend. And just in time for the holidays! Another CBC test in 2 weeks. Until then I'll keep doing my best to not stress myself out.

Which I think is an admirable goal for anyone, on any given day....